IMF in DC begins

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Tue Apr 11 11:22:23 CDT 2000

[ed: The IMF/World Bank demonstrations in Washington D.C. are beginning. 
John copied his letter to U.S. National Public Radio so others could use it 
or some version of it.  More below.]

From: "John M. Beam" <beam1 at>

Dear Morning Edition:

     In the lead-in to the rather patronizing story about some of the
folks who have come to Washington to demonstrate against the IMF, you
referred to the "violent demonstrations" at the World Trade Organization
meeting in Seattle.  By doing so, you join much of the commercial news
media in misrepresenting an event and marginalizing those who
participated in it.

     The second largest group in Seattle to engage in violence was a
group of demonstrators who, by most accounts, totaled just a few hundred
of the tens of thousands of people involved in a wide range of anti-WTO
activity.  The largest single group that engaged in violence consisted
of members of the Seattle police force who repeatedly tear gassed,
pepper sprayed, and beat non-violent protesters.  Journalism shapes the
public's understanding of historical events not only through the quality
of coverage provided as those events unfold but also in the way they are
framed months or years later.  In this case, you have contributed to
obscuring the content underlying both the Seattle and Washington D.C.
events by unfairly portraying them in a way that discourages the
public's exploration of the issues addressed by those events.


John M. Beam
Brooklyn NY


[ed:  Watch Indymedia this week for information on the IMF and World Bank 
demonstrations in Washington D.C.  Things are 
already acting up, with seven arrested in one action.  I will try to 
provide summaries and welcome reports from those of you  with access to 
other alternative media and/or are close to the ground.] 

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