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[ed:  thanks to Jill and Stephen for the responses to Kristin's query.]

From: "Jill Chopyak" <lists at loka.org>


There are science shops/community research centers in South Korea, Israel,
Romania and South Africa. Loka is part of an EU-funded grant to create an
international network of science shops/community research centers, and
individuals from these countries are also partners in this work. Part of our
objective in the grant is to help create new centers in other parts of the
world. Let me know if you want any further information.


Jill Chopyak, The Loka Institute


From: "Stephen Nicholl" <stephen at nicholl48.freeserve.co.uk>


In reference to partnerships between Universities and communities. A new
university campus is being established in west Belfast which will hopefully
involve the local communities in a partnership with the university involved.
A village council has been established to allow the community to play a part
in the decision making process. Since this process is just getting under way
the process may be of interest especially since the community has yet to be
convinced of the benefits.

The university involved is the University of Ulster and a web search may
give more information.

If you are interested let me know and I can put you in contact with those


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