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Thu Apr 6 22:07:15 CDT 2000

[ed:  Thanks to Joel for further thoughts on the great gas-out.]

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I also think this is a problematic issue.  Our gas prices (still lower than
Canada's or Europe's) encourage our reliance on the automobile.  This is not
only bad for the environment, bad for public transportation, and increases
sprawl, but also bad for the values that members of this list often promote --
community and collective responsibility.  Overreliance on cars and cheap gas
brings us big malls and vast parking lots, decline of local busines strips,
and generally isolates us from one another, making easy our "escape" from our
immediate surroundings, even when we are driving right through them.  When we
leave or close off the problems in our comunities, can we really call
ourselves members of that community?  I'm interested to hear other members'
response to this issue.

Joel Simon

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