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[ed:  while this message is partly an announcement about PLAN, it is also a 
request to initiate a discussion about how to put together multi-issue 
coalition groups.  It would be a good discussion for us to have on COMM-ORG.]

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In the spirit of the Comm-Org network, a new project -- the Progressive Los
Angeles Network (PLAN) -- has been working to link labor and community
activists, policy practitioners, and academics to develop a progressive
policy agenda for Los Angeles. PLAN emerged following a December 1998
"Progressive LA" conference held at Occidental. You can find out more about
PLAN at its website:

So far more than 200 activists are involved in the project as members of
the advisory board and/or as participants in one of our issue workgroups.

The goal of PLAN, which is housed at Occidental College, is to build
bridges -- across issues, constituencies, race, and geography -- between
the many progressive groups and individuals working in greater Los Angeles.
We see this as a way to develop a common vision, a common policy agenda,
and perhaps even a common (or at least complimentary) political strategy.

There are 13 workgroups developing policy agendas on specific issues such
as community development, housing, welfare reform, food and nutrition,
urban environment, child and youth, public safety, arts and recreation, and
others. After each workgroup finalizes its agenda, these will be weaved
into a comprehensive progressive policy agenda under three major themes:
economic and social justice, livable communities, and political
participation and democracy. We expect this policy agenda to be used by
progressive groups in developing organizing campaigns, in working in the
April 2001 mayoral and city council elections, and in finding allies and
developing coalitions. A Progressive LA conference will be held in January
2001 to bring together activists to discuss the agenda and how to inject it
into our political work.

We'd be interested in hearing from others around the country involved in
similar efforts to bring academics, practitioners, and activists together
around a broad policy agenda and vision.

Peter Dreier

Peter Dreier
Dr. E.P. Clapp Distinguished Professor of Politics
Director, Urban & Environmental Policy Program
Urban & Environmental Policy Institute
Occidental College
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Phone: (323) 259-2913
FAX: (323) 259-2734


[ed:  PLAN is also now linked from the COMM-ORG CO Groups and Networks page.]

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