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Tue Apr 4 22:23:00 CDT 2000

[ed:  if you know of any interesting examples that speak to Kristin's 
query, please copy COMM-ORG.  I will have a thought below.]

From: Kristin Rusch <kristinr at ncesa.org>

Does anyone know of any successful (that is, democratic, balanced, and
beneficial to communities at the grass roots) partnerships between
universities and communities outside of  the US?  I'm familiar with
LOKA's work and the European Science Workshops.  Is there anything else
going on, especially South or East?  Thanks much for any leads.

Kris Rusch
National Center for Economic and Security Alternatives

[ed:  the COMM-ORG Action Research page has links to a number of efforts, 
especially in Australia and Canada.]  

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