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[ed: forwarded with permission, here's some information on the upcoming 
demonstrations against the IMF in Washington DC April 16-17, and an update 
on fallout from Seattle.]

From: Steven Doll <steven at>

This is an update from the Direct Action Network and the Mobilization
for Global Justice, via IMC-Updates.

April 16-17 Mobilization for Global Justice in Washington DC
We hope your making plans for April 16-17th! A massive rally, protest
and non-violent direct action will occur in the nation's capital -- home
of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, the coercive
powers which have created a global economy based on corporate profit,
exploitation and environmental destruction. Find out what's happening
and get involved

As part of the fun, a permitted rally with Michael Moore ("Roger and
Me") and others will be held on the Ellipse next to the White House on
April 16th.

Solidarity events are scheduled in 30 cities from Victoria to India!

Over 450 organizations around the world have endorsed the Mobilization
for Global Justice, including the American Federation of Government
Employees, Friends of the Earth, Pax Christi, Kalpavriksh -
Environmental Action Group - India, United Electrical, Radio and Machine
Workers, United Steelworkers, Metropolitan Washington Council of the
AFL-CIO, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center, National Concerns Society -
Nepal, Plattform gegen Atomgefahren - PLAGE - Salzburg Austria, United
Students Against Sweatshops, and the Alliance for Global Justice. Entire

Two caravans are currently crossing the country with puppets, music, and
news of the April festival of resistance. Last sightings: Des Moines
Iowa, and Burlington Vermont. Upcoming stops:

An IndyDC Independent Media Center is coming together - , select "imc-dc." There is also a team of
radio pirates, a cartoon collective, and of course, the radical

Organizer convergence April 8th-15th in Washington DC: you can count on
teach-ins, trainings, music, and many opportunities to connect with
people working for global economic and environmental justice.

The Mobilization needs funds to make it all happen. Consider having your
organization co-sponsor, holding benefits/bakesales/etc., or simply
sending some money. Donations to: Alliance for Global Justice, 1247 E
Street SE, Washington, DC 20003, phone: 202-544-9355 fax: 202-544-9359
e-mail: agj at

Elizabeth Canner and Ashley Eames have updated their astounding and
award-winning documentary "Deadly Embrace: Nicaragua, the World Bank and
the IMF." $35 to Compas de La Primavera c/o Liz Canner, 164 Hudson St
Somerville MA 02144. 617-666-5122 lizcanner at

Post Seattle
Send a message to jwto-subscribe at for updates on the trials
and class-action suits, or call DAN legal at 206-632-9482.

The ongoing legal work on behalf of the November protesters has been
hugely successful. For example, during the protests Eric Larson was
simply taking photos from the sidelines. Half a dozen sheriffs jumped on
him and held him down, drenching Eric with pepper-spray. Ironically, he
was charged with assaulting an officer. A videotape of the incident was
discovered at the last minute, which led ultimately to his acquittal.
Complete rundown:

Nancy Egan has begun a documentary project recording the experiences of
women who were arrested during the WTO Shutdown. Email
egan_nancy at

DAN network list online:

Mayday information

This news update is brought to you from the DAN web team, and we
heartily apologize for all the items missed. Financial support invited!
specify "web" and send to MGJ - Alliance for Global Justice, 1247 E
Street SE, Washington, DC 20003.

--steven, steven at

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