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From: "Melinda Davis" <davis at LIBRA.LAW.UTK.EDU>

We are two librarians from the University of Tennessee Law Library
who are working on an annotated bibliography in the area of community-
based organizing / participatory research / popular education /
education for social change / grassroots organizing. Our primary
audience: lawyers and law students who are interested in public
interest and pro bono legal work; and the purpose: to explain the
movements and the philosophies to lawyers and to help them understand
how to work effectively with community groups. Rather than aiming
for exhaustive, we are working toward accessible; rather than
overwhelm, we want to provide helpful resources and insights.
We would like to have your input. What is/are the one (or two or
three) books, articles, films, web sites, or whatever that you feel
are absolutely essential for a lawyer who wants to contribute and be
effective in this area of public service?

We know you are busy, but be assured that we appreciate your
thoughts. We look forward to your response. Please feel free to e-
mail us (addresses below) or call if you have questions (phone
numbers below too). Thank you for your time.

Melinda Davis
Cataloger, University of Tennessee Law Library
davis at libra.law.utk.edu
(865) 974-6552

Loretta Price
Acquisitions Librarian, University of Tennessee Law Library
price at libra.law.utk.edu
(865) 974-9746 

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