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  18111 Nordhoff Street
  Northridge, California 91330

  Department: Chicano/a Studies Effective Date of
  Appointment: Fall 2000

  Rank: Assistant Professor Salary: $ 40,488 - 48,720

  Qualifications: The candidate will have a generalist's knowledge of the
  Central American experience in the United States and Central America, with
  an interest in Chicanas/os and other Latino in the United States. A
  doctorate or its equivalency with a concentration on Central Americans is
  preferred, although an ABD will be considered if the candidate will
  complete the dissertation by the employment date. The candidate is also
  expected to have working knowledge of gender issues affecting Central
  American and Latino women.

  Responsibilities: A general knowledge of U.S. and Latin American history
  as well as a specialization in Central America, with an interest in
  Chicanas/os and other Latino in the United States. The trajectory of
  Central American Studies is interdisciplinary, so the candidate would be
  expected to have a good grasp of comparative methodologies in the
  humanities and the social sciences. Central American Studies is in the
  developmental stages; therefore the candidate would be expected to play a
  leadership role in the construction of a Minor in the field (and
  eventually perhaps a Major as well.) The candidate will work closely with
  other faculty, Central American students, and community members in this
  mission. The candidate will also be expected to contribute to the field
  by publishing and participating in professional organizations. The
  candidate will also advise Latino students on the career opportunities in
  his or her field, and is expected to develop networks in L.A.'s Central
  American community, ultimately bringing expressions of that community to
  campus. California State University at Northridge is attended primarily by
  working-class students, many of whom are the first in their families to
  attend college. All professors are expected to advance the skill
  development of their students. In addition to accumulating knowledge
  about the Central American community, the program is committed to building
  leadership for the community through training our students. The standard
  teaching load for faculty at Northridge is 12 units per semester, although
  reassigned time may be available for research and/or curriculum

  Application Deadline: January 1, 2000. Please submit 3 letters of
  recommendation, Vita, and syllabi for two courses on the Central American

  Inquiries should be addressed to:

  Gerald Resendez, Chair
  Chicano/a Studies Department
  California State University
  18111 Nordhoff St., CA 91330-8246

  General Information:
  California State University, Northridge, with an enrollment of
  approximately 27,000 students, is one of the largest of 20 campuses in the
  California State University and Colleges System. Twenty-five miles from
  Central Los Angeles, in the San Fernando Valley, it is the only public
  university in this metropolitan suburb, which has a population in excess
  of 1,200,000. The University offers undergraduate degrees in 49 fields
  and Master of Art's degrees in 39.


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