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[ed:  thanks to Maryellen for this interesting example of the Internet used 
in the service of organizing.]

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NetAction Notes
Published by NetAction          Issue No. 55                 March 21, 2000

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A Circle of People Learning Together

Last year, in an article entitled "Email Empowerment in Indonesia," we
reported on how an email list was used to bring hundreds of women together
to challenge state-sanctioned violations of women's human rights in
post-Soeharto Indonesia. See:
<>  Moderator Nani Buntarian
told us the list was used to coordinate the efforts of numerous women's
organizations that mobilized in response to the momentum for change that
had swept the nation.

Nani recently wrote again with an update on how women in her country are
using the Internet to organize for women's rights.

"Maybe without you realizing it, you have opened many doors for me. With
the help of another woman activist, I have set up a tiny mail list of
Indonesian women activists," Nani wrote.

The women call themselves VisiNet (aktivis perempuan di Internet - women
activists on the Internet) and the mail list address is visinet at
The 250 women who are subscribed to the list are truly putting the Internet
to use for grassroots activism.

Nani has also translated the Virtual Activist web site into the Indonesian
language.  The site is at: <>. She
told us that "lingkar belajar means "a circle of people learning together"
in the Indonesian language.

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