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COMM-ORG attempts to bring together theory and practice, and academics and organizers, to advance the craft of community organizing. Toward that goal we have a papers collection, a syllabi collection, and links to resources supporting community organizing. As new materials get posted you will hear about them on both the e-mail list and on this home page.

Randy Stoecker
moderator/editor, COMM-ORG

New COMM-ORG syllabi

I wanted to let you know that I have new syllabi up on the COMM-ORG syllabi page, at http://comm-org.wisc.edu/co/?q=node/6

In the Community Organizing section:

Marie Kennedy, Community Research and Organizing kennedy4381.htm
Lee Staples, Community Organizing 781staples.htm
Richard L. Wood, Community Organizing: Theory and Practice wood398.htm

In the Education and Organizing section:

COMM-ORG Papers, 2013

the 2013 COMM-ORG Papers are now available:

Moshe ben Asher, Unified Community Organizing Theory -- This is a very exciting paper for me. There has been very little written trying to really think deeply theoretically about community organizing. It's filled with stuff to think about.

Moshe ben Asher, Relationship-Building Questions to Clergy in Congregational (Faith-Based) Community Organizing -- This paper is just what it's title says it is and shows that Moshe can also write great practical concrete stuff too.

2012 COMM-ORG papers

The COMM-ORG 2012 papers are up and ready to be viewed. This year's papers include:

Next COMM-ORG papers


There are two more new entries in the COMM-ORG Papers collection. Go to The 2011 Papers to see:

Peter Miller, Carl Davidson: From SDS and The Guardian, to cyRev and CyberRadicalism for the 21st Century
Margot Smith, Organizing Seniors for Action: a Practical Guide.

First COMM-ORG paper of 2011

The first paper of 2011 is now available: Rebecca Paradiso and Kate MacCrimmon's So What's This Research Stuff All About? Rebecca and Kate have looked at the practice of community-based research, or CBR, and considered it's applicability to the craft of community organizing. The paper contains their thoughts. You can access the paper via the COMM-ORG papers collection page.

It's a new COMM-ORG server


We are now on new fancy hardware, sharing space with some other projects in a new "virtual server" environment. It provides better backup and doesn't risk crashing at any moment (like the ancient hardware I was using). Of course, that doesn't mean it won't crash, just that if it does it is better protected and more easily restored.

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